Guzmán Mancho

His professional career started at University of Alcala in 1994, where he read his Phd in 2002. His doctoral research dealt with the discourse analysis of the Ormulum homilies written in ca. 1200. He also took the Master’s programme in E-learning: ICT application in education and instruction at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (in 2005). Since 2009, he holds an associate professor position at the University of Lleida, and he joined the CLA in 2010.

His research covers a wide range of topics, organized chronologically.

Before he joined the CLA, his post-doctoral research embraced topics from historical dicourse analysis (Middle English) to ICT-driven research that is computerized error analysis, and the use of wikis for teaching purposes (he co-edited an issue of Revista de Educación a Distancia on the use of wikis in a variety of university disciplines in 2008). After he joined the CLA, the topics of his research have widened to include the study of multilingualism at university settings. In particular, his latest research zooms in English-medium instruction as implemented in non-Anglophone settings, and the tensions and conflicts it generates for all university stakeholders.

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He has been teaching three types of subjects: (1) English for Specific Purposes, ranging from Business English to English for Science and Medical English; (2) ICT Resources for Language Learning, taught in the Master’s programme of Applied Linguistics; and (3) History of the English Language, taught in the BA undergraduate degree of English Studies.