Josep-Maria Cots

Josep-Maria Cots is professor of English and applied linguistics in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lleida, where he teaches courses in pragmatics, discourse analysis, intercultural communication, multilingual education, and English language. His research focuses on applied discourse analysis, foreign language teaching and learning, multilingualism, and intercultural competence. He adopts a qualitative approach (sociolinguistic ethnography and discourse analysis) to study the development of multilingual and intercultural competence in the context of specific language policies in secondary and tertiary education. He has published 8 books and numerous journal articles and book chapters. Josep Maria is co-director of a research team including 13 researchers and 5 trainee researchers and has been the lead researcher in several competitive funded research projects. Since 2002, his research has been awarded a total of 15 grants from different institutions. At the moment he supervises 5 PhD theses.

  • Multilingual policies in educational institutions
  • Multilingualism as an individual and a social phenomenon
  • Language, culture and identity issues in intercultural encounters
  • Internationalisation, linguae francae and minority languages
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Graduate level:

  •  Intercultural communication
  • Multilingual and intercultural education

Undergraduate level:

  • Pragmatics in English
  • Discourse analysis applied to English
  • English for Academic Purposes

Current postgraduate research supervision

  • Title: From multilingual graduates to multilingual professionals: a critical analysis of educational and professional discourses of multilingualism
    Student: Carme Rosell-Trullols
  • Title: Chronotopic Identities of Study Abroad Returnees
    Student: Patricia Jiménez-Cortiella
  • Title: CLIL implementation in tertiary education from an ecological perspective
    Student: Mercè Clemente-Font
  • Title: Autobiographical narratives and identiy (re)construction by students taking part in study-abroad programmes.
    Student: Sònia Mas Alcolea
  • Title: The place of minority language and linguae francas in researchers’ professional mobility in Europe.
    Student: Helena Torres Purroy